The association

Spirit of Niedersachsen e.V.

The Spirit of Lower Saxony association was founded in Hanover on 5 March 2021. Its aim: to promote culture, sport and society as well as civic engagement and networking between Hanover and Lower Saxony at regional, national and international level.

The gin on board is a liquid and tasty symbol of the friendship between the two countries – composed of herbs and plants from Great Britain and from Hanover and Lower Saxony that the two countries have picked themselves. The gin matures in its barrel on this unique journey to an incomparable pleasure. This is what Lower Saxon-British friendship tastes like.

The association's first major campaign is "Way to Bristol".

Chairman: Joerma Biernath
Vice-Chair: Dr. Catrin Kuhlmann
Treasurer: Guido Rohr

We thank our photographer Roland Schmidt for his professional guidance!